Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Bigger Than Life 3D Monitor

Pavonine Korea has come out with a 3D monitor that is a monster. Actually, it’s a bunch of monitors put together called the Multicube. They have put multiple 46” 3D monitors together into a much bigger display. The Multicube comes in two huge sizes, 4 units and 9 units. The four 3D monitor Multicube is a 2 by 2 and the 9 3D monitor Multicube is 3 by 3. That’s right, try watching a 3D movie on nine 46” 3D monitors! I’ve seen it at KES and it was amazing.
Pictures coming soon!

3D Movie Review: My Bloody Valentine

This 3D movie was awesome! I really found the movie to be quite fun to watch. Scary movies are always interesting for me. But when it’s in 3D, now that takes it to a whole new level! Definitely not a movie for kids, the gore is extreme and popping out at you in 3D!
The quality of the 3D effects was amazing. They are really turning 3D movie making into an art.
As for the acting and the plot, it was surprisingly good. They didn’t sacrifice the movie for the 3D effects.
I highly recommend this movie to any adults who like scary movies.
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