Monday, December 26, 2011

Sample 3D Photos Part 9

This weeks sample 3D photos are in a different format than usual.  Before they were posted in either side by side or interlaced.  Now they are posted in Anaglyph.  These photos are from the same collection of 3D photos from before so you might have seen them in a different format in the earlier posts.  Well, get yourself a pair of red and cyan anaglyph glasses, sit back and enjoy the 3D photos.  

These first two 3D pictures are of flowers that I saw growing in the park.  They were interesting to me because they were growing in the field and not in a flower bed.

Sample 3D Photo - Anaglyph Flower

Sample 3D Photo - Anaglyph Flower 2
 The next photo is of some soft fountains that caught my eye.
Sample 3D Photo - Anaglyph Fountains
 The last two were of the rocks that I like to photograph in 3D.  They are very easy to take pictures of since they are rarely too busy and are very patient during the whole process.
Sample 3D Photo - Anaglyph A Rock

Sample 3D Photo - Anaglyph A Rock 2 

I hope you enjoyed these 3D pics in anaglyph and decide to try your hand at 3D photography yourself.

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Sample 3D Photos Part 8

This week’s sample 3D photos are based on a natural theme with the last showing a contrast between the city and nature.  They are in interlaced stereo 3D format and from some local parks located in Incheon.  

The first two photos are showing the trees that are growing in the local park.  They are small and just starting to grow.

Sample 3D Photo - Tree

Sample 3D Photo - Tree 2
 The next three photos are of rocks which are also from the local park.  They make excellent models for photographing since they don’t move about.  I imagine they are also patient enough to be painted.
Sample 3D Photo - A Rock 5

Sample 3D Photo - A Rock 6

Sample 3D Photo - A Rock 7
 The last photo is of the pond and the city showing the contrast between nature and the modern world which needs to learn to keep nature included for a proper balance.
Sample 3D Photo - Pond and City 5

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Miracube HDMI to HDSDI and 3D Converter

Miracube HDMI to HDSDI and 3D Converter

Main Highlights

·         3D Filming Solution
·         3D Projection Solution
·         Converts HDMI to 3D
·         Converts HDMI to HDSDI

The Miracube 3D converter, CV-3D, is their latest solution for 3D filming and 3D projection.  The CV-3D has dual HDMI inputs for the left and right camera inputs.   There are dual HDSDI outputs from the CV-3D so the user can use HDMI L/R source with other monitors or viewfinders that have only HDSDI inputs and no HDMI inputs.  It can also help with 3D projection systems that need the HDMI to HDSDI conversions.  

Miracube 3D HDMI to HD-SDI Converter - CV-3D
There is also a 3D HDMI output that could be sent to a compatible 3D monitor or a compatible 3D TV so the user can watch the 3D video live.  Or the output could go to a storage system where you can later access and edit the 3D film.
Miracube 3D HDMI to HD-SDI Converter - CV-3D

The CV-3D can handle a wide variety of signals providing excellent compatibility with a variety of products.  This improved compatibility is important for simplifying work flow in 3D production.

Visit the Miracube website at for more information including where to order.

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sample 3D Photos Part 7

This week’s installment of sample 3D photos comes from another visit to a couple of local parks in Incheon. These parks are located in Songdo, Incheon and are not far from the international airport.  So if you are visiting Incheon or Seoul, then you can make a quick stop and see them on your way to business. 

This first sample 3D photo is of another pond and the surrounding city.  It is important to balance the development with enough natural places like this to relax and unwind. 

Sample 3D Photo - Pond and City 4
 The second sample 3D photo is good to show the beauty of the fall in Songdo.  The ground really comes alive with color.
Sample 3D Photo - Fall
 This sample 3D photo is another of a rock.  I really like taking photos of rocks even though they really don’t say much.  This particular rock was just lying there quietly next to some plants and shrubs.
Sample 3D Photo - A Rock 4
 These shrubs looked good for another 3D photo.  Their looks in the fall are a refreshing change and supported with some nice green plants in the background.
Sample 3D Photo - Shrubs 3
 This is another 3D photo of the park and the city with a comparison of the buildings.
Sample 3D Photo - Park and City 4
I hope you enjoyed this week's 3D photos that were converted to the interlaced 3D file format.

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Passive 3D Projection System by Miracube!

Passive 3D polarization for 3D projection without the high cost. 

3D Projection System - WD-047F
Miracube has come out with a solution that works with low cost projectors that use active shutter glasses.   Shutter glasses can be very expensive and uncomfortable to wear.  Miracube’s 3D Window allows users to wear passive 3D glasses that are very affordable and very comfortable to wear.  They come in paper or plastic with very interesting styles.  The 3D Window also has a version that offers improved compatibility with its built in 3D formatter.  The built in formatter can handle side by side, top/bottom, and frame sequential 3D formats.

3D Projection System - WD-047F
Also, don’t forget that you need a good quality screen that is compatible for 3D.  Miracube also provides 3D screens that are compatible with their 3D passive polarization system.  Screen sizes range from 80” to 150” with both front and rear projection available.

3D Projection System - WD-047F
The current models of 3D Window available include the WD047S, WD047F and WD047FA.  The WD047S is the standard model and offers passive polarization at a discount price.  The WD047F has the formatter added for improved 3D file format compatibility and the WD047FA has the formatter as well as added motorization that can be controlled by remote control.
3D Projection System - WD-047S

Visit the Miracube website at for more information including where to order.

More product photos below:

3D Projection System - WD-047S

3D Projection System - WD-047S
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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

3D Viewfinder VF-101P

Pavonine Korea’s Miracube brand of 3D solutions has come out with a new solution for 3D filming.  First Miracube came out with the Miracube VF171P 3D Viewfinder for 3D filming, and now there is a 10.2” version.  This model also has the dual HDSDI inputs as well as the HDSDI outputs for looping to other 3D monitors or 3D viewfinders for 3D monitoring during 3D filming.    

3D Field Monitor

With real-time monitoring, the synchronizer allows you to combine 2 feeds into a 3D movie file. On-screen display features include grid move and distance control, 4 corner zoom, center zoom in 3D, reverse, and power (on/off) Left, L(H-M) , L(V-M) , Right, R(H-M), and R(V-M). This flipping ability of both camera feeds along both the vertical and horizontal feeds provides excellent compatibility with a wide range of parallel and mirror rigs on the market.
3D Viewfinder
The size of this 3D viewfinder is very small and lightweight allowing it to be carried with ease.  It can be mounted with the whole made on the bottom or even just placed on a counter or table with the bottom bars for stability.

3D Viewfinder

The Miracube VF-101P 3D viewfinder is an excellent solution for 3D filming and well worth checking out. 

3D Viewfinder - VF101P
Check out this review by Peter Chang of A&S Broadcast of the VF101P - 3D Viewfinder at NAB 2011:

Miracube 3D Viewfinder at NAB 2011

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sample 3D Photos Part 6

This is my sixth installment of the sample 3D photos. I continued with photos from a park.  I am lucky to be in Incheon where there are some very nice parks to enjoy during my lunch breaks.  The stereo 3D file format is interlaced.

This first sample stereo 3D photo is of the path that I like to walk along while enjoying the fresh air.  In the cool winter air it is very refreshing and clears my mind from the stresses of the day.

Sample 3D Photo - A Walk in the Park 2

This next 3D photo is of this little island I found in the park's pond.  It's the little things like this that makes the park a nice afternoon event.
Sample 3D Photo - Island in a Pond 2

The smallest things that we walk past and don't even notice can end up being perfect for a photo.

Sample 3D Photo 3 - A Rock

People often relax here and let the day pass by peacefully.  

Sample 3D Photo - Won Do Mac

There are many kinds of shrubs in the local parks.  These are photographed in the fall.

Sample 3D Photo - Shrubs
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