Monday, January 4, 2010

4D – Is it the Next Generation of 3D?

I just visited a small mini cinema for a 4D movie or was it a ride? Either way, it was an experience.

First I have a couple dozen movies to choose from. They all sounded very exciting but I always love being scared so I went for a scary one. I think 3D technology and horror was always a good mix, so I hoped it would be good with 4D as well.

After picking the movie they handed my wife and I our glasses and led us into the small cinema. It looks like it seats only 4 people allowing for a more personal feel. If there’s safety in numbers, I won’t be feeling it now.

The right begins and the seats are moving like a roller coaster. I was surprised with how strong the feeling was considering we didn’t actually go anywhere. It was shaking and twisting and turning giving you a very realistic feel the entire time.

Adding to that realistic effect was the 3D movie. We were given some cool looking 3D glasses to wear and  I quickly forgot that they were on. All I notice are the scary abominations chasing after me in a true cliffhanger fashion. Each time I feel like I’m done for but we get away and the story continues.