Monday, November 28, 2011

Sample 3D Photos Part 5

This is my fifth installment of the sample 3D photos.  This time the focus is more on art with photos of statues.  The 3D file format used is interlaced.  I hope this 3D format for this weeks sample 3D photos is alright.  I hope you like them and if you have any requests, let me know and I'll see what I can do.  I am not travelling much these days but you never know.

Sample 3D Photo - Art 2

Sample 3D Photo - Art 3

Sample 3D Photo - Art 4

Sample 3D Photo - Art 5
 After the statues, I saw another kind of art.  This one is called "Jong Ja" in Korean.  Immediately, I felt the need to capture it in 3D.

Sample 3D Photo - Jong Ja

Here I found a smaller version of the building above and I admit that I am not sure if it would be called the same.  Either way it looks cool so I took another 3D photo.

Sample 3D Photo - Jong Ja 2
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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sample 3D Photos Part 4

Hear is another collection of sample 3D photos for before the weekend.  This time I am posting only three sample 3D photos in my second posting this week but the next post on Sunday or Monday should make up for the two less you see today.  I hope you have an excellent weekend planned.  It is important to recharge before you go back to work Monday.

This first photo is of a statue in the park nearby my work place.  Like the earlier ones, I went with interlaced.   I think for those without a 3D TV, you can try a 3D file conversion from interlaced to anaglyph.  

Sample 3D Photo - Art 1

I found a nice white flower sitting alone in a field.  It looked pretty cool and I am not sure if it was planted or just popped up.  Surrounded by weeds and leaves it adds a nice aesthetic to the park.

Sample 3D Photo - White Flower

Here is the entrance sign for the local park.  It was at a decent angle and standing out enough for a 3D photo.  Of course, it's on it's side but I still like the look of it.

Sample 3D Photo - Park Sign

Soon, I plan to see a few more places in Seoul as well as Incheon and take some sample 3D photos.   

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sample 3D Photos Part 3

Here is my next posting of sample 3D photos.  Again I chose to go ahead with interlaced.  If there is a format that you prefer over interlaced, then just let me know in the comments below.

This set of sample 3D photos was also taken from my trip to the park.  The first two photos were taken up close for more of a pop out effect.  I could have stood back more for depth but considering what I wanted to photograph, I decided to go for more pop out.

Sample 3D Photo - A Rock
Sample 3D Photo - A Rock 2
This sample 3D photo was more for the depth effect with much less emphasis on pop out.

Sample 3D Photo - A Walk in the Park
Here I was looking for more depth as well as to catch the water and the mood of the fountains.  This park is a real nice way to relax during lunch.

Sample 3D Photo - The Fountains
The last sample 3D photo came to me as a surprise at first but makes sense to me.  I find there is a lot of beauty in the world that is hard to see at first.

Sample 3D Photo - The Ground
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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sample 3D Photos Part 2

It has been a while since I posted the first set of sample 3D photos.  Now I will be posting these far more often.  These particular 3D photos were taken from a nearby park in Incheon, South Korea.

This 3D photo was taken and put into an interlaced 3D file format.

Sample 3D Photo

This sample 3D photo is also in interlaced.  I saw this flower just sitting there in the field surrounded by grass and weeds.

Sample 3D Photo

Here is another sample 3D photo of the same flower from a different angle.  

Sample 3D Photo

I found a dragonfly resting and enjoying the weather.

Sample 3D Photo

I thought this dragonfly was worth another 3D photo.  

Sample 3D Photo

Here I thought I would start snapping some 3D photos of the park and the city together.

Sample 3D Photo

Below is another 3D photo of the pond and the city from a different angle.

Sample 3D Photo

I hope you like these free sample 3D photos.  I will add more soon.

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Miracube 3D Viewfinder VF-171P

Pavonine Korea’s Miracube brand of 3D solutions has come out with an excellent solution for 3D filming. The VF-171P is a 17” monitor with 2 HDSDI inputs for the left and right cameras. That allows you to see what you are filming in 3D while you film. There are grid lines that are adjustable in position, color and even the space between the grid lines.

Also both camera inputs can be flipped horizontally or vertically or even both at the same time. Now filmmakers can enjoy using a wider range of mirror rigs with the Miracube VF-171P 3D viewfinder. The added compatibility is important with the wide range of rigs available on the market.

In addition to the dual HDSDI inputs for the left and right cameras, there are dual HDSDI outputs allowing the user to loop the L/R feeds to other 3D viewfinders or 3D monitors with dual HDSDI inputs.

3D Viewfinder
VF171P Front View

VF171P Rear View

Check out this video by Peter Chang of A&S Broadcast where he reviews the VF171P 3D Viewfinder:

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