Sunday, October 18, 2009

How to Make 3D Pictures

Taking 3D pictures can be very easy to do these days. You can either buy a 3D camera to take 3D pictures very easily, or you can use a regular 2D camera to take 3D pictures. To use a regular camera will take some extra effort but can still look very good.
First, take a picture of the desired object, person or scene. Now move your camera about 6.5 cm to the right and take a second picture to the right and take a second picture of the same object. Make sure that the height and angle remains the same. Next, copy the pictures onto your computer. Use a 3D image tool to merge the two pictures into one single image. This can be tricky and you should take time to choose the right software for you. Otherwise you might spend too much and the quality of your 3D photo might not be good.
Also, you should choose what 3D type you prefer for your image: side-by-side, or top-bottom. Save and enjoy your wonderful 3D image.

Just follow the link below to learn how to do it:

3D Photography at Miracube

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