Monday, January 16, 2012

Sample 3D Photos Part 12

This week I put more 3D photos into the Anaglyph 3D format with a new one titled Tree 3 for my weekly 3D blog posting.  This is a format that many can enjoy.  As before, you'll need to look around for the red/cyan glasses so you can see the 3D effect.

The first 3D photo shows the path that I like to jog during my lunch break.  There are plenty of trees that help make the air nice and fresh while I enjoy the outdoors.

Sample 3D Photo - Anaglyph A Walk in the Park 2

The next two photos are of a dragonfly that was very helpful and sat there while I took some 3D photos.  A natural at modeling, the dragonfly was very poised.

Sample 3D Photo - Anaglyph Dragonfly

Sample 3D Photo - Anaglyph Dragonfly 2
 Fall is always a time where I feel the energy of the cooler weather and the change of the local landscape.

Sample 3D Photo - Anaglyph Fall

Sample 3D Photo - Anaglyph Fall 2

The winter brings its own look to the local landscape that I wanted to capture in 3D.

Sample 3D Photo - Anaglyph Tree 3

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