Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sample 3D Photos Part 4

Hear is another collection of sample 3D photos for before the weekend.  This time I am posting only three sample 3D photos in my second posting this week but the next post on Sunday or Monday should make up for the two less you see today.  I hope you have an excellent weekend planned.  It is important to recharge before you go back to work Monday.

This first photo is of a statue in the park nearby my work place.  Like the earlier ones, I went with interlaced.   I think for those without a 3D TV, you can try a 3D file conversion from interlaced to anaglyph.  

Sample 3D Photo - Art 1

I found a nice white flower sitting alone in a field.  It looked pretty cool and I am not sure if it was planted or just popped up.  Surrounded by weeds and leaves it adds a nice aesthetic to the park.

Sample 3D Photo - White Flower

Here is the entrance sign for the local park.  It was at a decent angle and standing out enough for a 3D photo.  Of course, it's on it's side but I still like the look of it.

Sample 3D Photo - Park Sign

Soon, I plan to see a few more places in Seoul as well as Incheon and take some sample 3D photos.   

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