Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sample 3D Photos Part 3

Here is my next posting of sample 3D photos.  Again I chose to go ahead with interlaced.  If there is a format that you prefer over interlaced, then just let me know in the comments below.

This set of sample 3D photos was also taken from my trip to the park.  The first two photos were taken up close for more of a pop out effect.  I could have stood back more for depth but considering what I wanted to photograph, I decided to go for more pop out.

Sample 3D Photo - A Rock
Sample 3D Photo - A Rock 2
This sample 3D photo was more for the depth effect with much less emphasis on pop out.

Sample 3D Photo - A Walk in the Park
Here I was looking for more depth as well as to catch the water and the mood of the fountains.  This park is a real nice way to relax during lunch.

Sample 3D Photo - The Fountains
The last sample 3D photo came to me as a surprise at first but makes sense to me.  I find there is a lot of beauty in the world that is hard to see at first.

Sample 3D Photo - The Ground
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