Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sample 3D Photos Part 7

This week’s installment of sample 3D photos comes from another visit to a couple of local parks in Incheon. These parks are located in Songdo, Incheon and are not far from the international airport.  So if you are visiting Incheon or Seoul, then you can make a quick stop and see them on your way to business. 

This first sample 3D photo is of another pond and the surrounding city.  It is important to balance the development with enough natural places like this to relax and unwind. 

Sample 3D Photo - Pond and City 4
 The second sample 3D photo is good to show the beauty of the fall in Songdo.  The ground really comes alive with color.
Sample 3D Photo - Fall
 This sample 3D photo is another of a rock.  I really like taking photos of rocks even though they really don’t say much.  This particular rock was just lying there quietly next to some plants and shrubs.
Sample 3D Photo - A Rock 4
 These shrubs looked good for another 3D photo.  Their looks in the fall are a refreshing change and supported with some nice green plants in the background.
Sample 3D Photo - Shrubs 3
 This is another 3D photo of the park and the city with a comparison of the buildings.
Sample 3D Photo - Park and City 4
I hope you enjoyed this week's 3D photos that were converted to the interlaced 3D file format.

Copyright ⓒ 2011 Craig Lutzer. All rights reserved.


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