Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sample 3D Photos Part 6

This is my sixth installment of the sample 3D photos. I continued with photos from a park.  I am lucky to be in Incheon where there are some very nice parks to enjoy during my lunch breaks.  The stereo 3D file format is interlaced.

This first sample stereo 3D photo is of the path that I like to walk along while enjoying the fresh air.  In the cool winter air it is very refreshing and clears my mind from the stresses of the day.

Sample 3D Photo - A Walk in the Park 2

This next 3D photo is of this little island I found in the park's pond.  It's the little things like this that makes the park a nice afternoon event.
Sample 3D Photo - Island in a Pond 2

The smallest things that we walk past and don't even notice can end up being perfect for a photo.

Sample 3D Photo 3 - A Rock

People often relax here and let the day pass by peacefully.  

Sample 3D Photo - Won Do Mac

There are many kinds of shrubs in the local parks.  These are photographed in the fall.

Sample 3D Photo - Shrubs
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