Thursday, December 15, 2011

Miracube HDMI to HDSDI and 3D Converter

Miracube HDMI to HDSDI and 3D Converter

Main Highlights

·         3D Filming Solution
·         3D Projection Solution
·         Converts HDMI to 3D
·         Converts HDMI to HDSDI

The Miracube 3D converter, CV-3D, is their latest solution for 3D filming and 3D projection.  The CV-3D has dual HDMI inputs for the left and right camera inputs.   There are dual HDSDI outputs from the CV-3D so the user can use HDMI L/R source with other monitors or viewfinders that have only HDSDI inputs and no HDMI inputs.  It can also help with 3D projection systems that need the HDMI to HDSDI conversions.  

Miracube 3D HDMI to HD-SDI Converter - CV-3D
There is also a 3D HDMI output that could be sent to a compatible 3D monitor or a compatible 3D TV so the user can watch the 3D video live.  Or the output could go to a storage system where you can later access and edit the 3D film.
Miracube 3D HDMI to HD-SDI Converter - CV-3D

The CV-3D can handle a wide variety of signals providing excellent compatibility with a variety of products.  This improved compatibility is important for simplifying work flow in 3D production.

Visit the Miracube website at for more information including where to order.

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