Monday, December 19, 2011

Sample 3D Photos Part 8

This week’s sample 3D photos are based on a natural theme with the last showing a contrast between the city and nature.  They are in interlaced stereo 3D format and from some local parks located in Incheon.  

The first two photos are showing the trees that are growing in the local park.  They are small and just starting to grow.

Sample 3D Photo - Tree

Sample 3D Photo - Tree 2
 The next three photos are of rocks which are also from the local park.  They make excellent models for photographing since they don’t move about.  I imagine they are also patient enough to be painted.
Sample 3D Photo - A Rock 5

Sample 3D Photo - A Rock 6

Sample 3D Photo - A Rock 7
 The last photo is of the pond and the city showing the contrast between nature and the modern world which needs to learn to keep nature included for a proper balance.
Sample 3D Photo - Pond and City 5

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