Monday, December 26, 2011

Sample 3D Photos Part 9

This weeks sample 3D photos are in a different format than usual.  Before they were posted in either side by side or interlaced.  Now they are posted in Anaglyph.  These photos are from the same collection of 3D photos from before so you might have seen them in a different format in the earlier posts.  Well, get yourself a pair of red and cyan anaglyph glasses, sit back and enjoy the 3D photos.  

These first two 3D pictures are of flowers that I saw growing in the park.  They were interesting to me because they were growing in the field and not in a flower bed.

Sample 3D Photo - Anaglyph Flower

Sample 3D Photo - Anaglyph Flower 2
 The next photo is of some soft fountains that caught my eye.
Sample 3D Photo - Anaglyph Fountains
 The last two were of the rocks that I like to photograph in 3D.  They are very easy to take pictures of since they are rarely too busy and are very patient during the whole process.
Sample 3D Photo - Anaglyph A Rock

Sample 3D Photo - Anaglyph A Rock 2 

I hope you enjoyed these 3D pics in anaglyph and decide to try your hand at 3D photography yourself.

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